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  • Car Park Safe & Secure Storage Box Cabinet Lockers Copy


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    CAR PARK SAFE & SECURE STORAGE BOX CABINET LOCKERS, is preferred unique over car bonnet Australia wide garage storage, it’s the perfect cost effective, must have budget solution unit, that fits neatly and safely, at the end of your parking bay.

    It’s an attractive storage answer, designed specifically to sit within the confines of car park spaces, not requiring extra floor space and conveniently using space over the bonnet of your vehicle, without needing to reduce your parking spot?

    Saving your limited valuable space, whilst providing better supplementary secure storage, for personal belongings.

    For Strata/Body Corporate approved use, for new and existing multi dwelling residences living.

    FREE! Written quote, specific to your needs.

    FREE! Quick and easy, over the phone advice.

    FREE! Down loadable specifications and drawings.

    ENQUIRE TODAY! Credit cards, EFT welcome, price includes delivery and installation for both single & bulk orders.

    We Stock! We Supply! We Deliver! We Site Install! We Maintain!

    HELP! What do I do with my EXTRA?

    • Wine!
    • Tools!
    • Books!
    • Archives!
    • Clothing!
    • Suitcases!
    • Golf clubs!
    • Documents!
    • Children’s toys!
    • Office products!
    • General storage!
    • Household goods!
    • Sporting equipment!
    • Electrical appliances!

    HOW! Do I PROTECT my belongings & store loose goods from?

    • Fire.
    • Dust.
    • Theft.
    • Vermin.
    • Water damage.

    YES! I live in an UNIT.

    YES! I have a SKI LODGE.

    YES! I work in an OFFICE.

    YES! I have a BEACHHOUSE.

    YES! I live in a TOWNHOUSE.

    YES! I live in an APARTMENT.

    YES! I have RUNOUT of usable storage.

    YES! I need MORE room & improve my living area. 

    YES! I could use my car park WITHOUT LOSING any space.

    YES! I could use 3.1 CUBIC METERS effective storage space.


    IDEAL! For CELLER storage space.

    IDEAL! For PATIOS storage space.

    IDEAL! For GARAGE storage space.

    IDEAL! For CARPARK storage space.

    IDEAL! For CARPORT storage space.

    IDEAL! For BASEMENT storage space.

    IDEAL! For PARKING BAY storage space.


    • Warrantied.
    • Effective storage solution.
    • Adjust feet for uneven floors. 
    • Knock down design, easy assembly.
    • Great range of storage accessories.
    • Ideal weather you own or rent/lease.
    • Doesn’t require additional floor space.
    • Gas struts for easy door opening and closing.
    • Attractive Hammer Stone Powder Coat Finished.
    • We supply, assemble install or alternatively, supply only.
    • High quality secure 3 points door key lockable system.
    • All solid steel construction, with fixings for you to D-I-Y.
    • We supply, assemble install or alternatively, supply only.
    • Specially designed locker for under apartment car parks.
    • Finish minimises dust attraction and is easily brushed clean.
    • Easy fast assembled, minimal bolts/screws by up to 2 people.
    • Sits free standing portable and fully relocatable on your car space floor.

    Optional Features:

    • No rusting, all aluminium construction.
    • Internal adjustable shelving. 

    NJM Group, Australian Bollards are proud Australian manufacture, who ready to install this space saving wonder for you.

    By simply using the wasted space, that sits above and over the bonnet of your car, by creating an easily accessible elevated safe and secure storage space there, without losing your valuable car parking spot beneath.

    NJM Group, Australian Bollards pride ourselves in being the over car bonnet storage experts and we are confident that we have found the solution for your needs.

    With ample space, Australian Bollards' Car Park Storage Boxes command attention and are sure to impress.

    Typically delivered, assembled & installed for you, in areas of residential apartment basements, town Houses/units and commercial basements living/working.

    Where storage space is always very limited & an absolute premium. 

    Ideal for storing items whether its basic apartment household goods such as suitcases, sporting equipment, books, golf clubs, wine, tools, children’s toys, clothing, electrical appliances, documents or commercial, archive, office products & general storage

    Our convenient easy opening, high-wide, gas lift struts operated lockable, durable access doors, allowing light weight, well balanced operation, makes storing and removing large items, simple and effortless.

    NJM Group, Australian Bollards have two strong, robust, secure ranges of car park storage lockers, which can be simply & easily, assembled installed, to maximize your only space available.

    Since not every vehicle and car space are not the same, we have two cost effective basic common standard sizes available.

    NJM Group, Australian Bollards over Bonnet Storage Cabinet Locker is a cost effective, secure solution for those totally unusable areas by simply being placed at the head of a car space, with your car fitting in its usual park.

    They are a stable free standing lockable storage cabinet, contemporary, modern simple and clean design, with fully integrated (with optional feature of adjustable shelving) and self-levelling legs.

    Accommodating all stand heights available, to suit almost any car size, without the need for unsightly supporting braces, free standing stable design, typically not required to be fastened to walls or floors.


    Made from durable, corrosion resistant Hammer stone powder-coated finish steel, available in a standard colour to compliment your building.

    If required prior to installation, simply seek your Body Corporate supportive approval under their guidelines process for a Car Park Storage Application.

    Done typically by just a matter of a basic written application, containing your owner contact details & unit number as the owner, maintainer and insurer.

    And attaching our down loadable Pdf basic details of our storage unit’s brochure/drawing, inclusive of all relevant measurements & construction manufactured materials.

    Add an additional sketch showing your proposed placement totally within your allocated car space, positioned such that your car will still fit, with your car park space

    And not interfere with common property/building structures, or any access to services like gas, drainage, plumbing, electrical, lighting and with approval obtained, you’re right to go!




    A  -  2510.0 mm      B  -  2300.0 mm      C  -  1100.0 mm       D - 1050.0 mm 

    Storage Capacity:

    3.1 m³

    Loading Quantity:


    Additional Notes:

    Stand Feature:

    • All steel construction.
    • KD design, EZ assembly.
    • Adjust feet for uneven floors. 
    • Gas struts for easy door opening and closing. 
    • Secure 3 points lockable door.
    • Hammer stone powder-coated finish.
    • Great range of storage accessories.
    • Sits free-standing on your car space floor.
    Optional Feature:
    • No rusting, all aluminium construction.
    • Internal adjustable shelving. 


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